We sell a wide variety of ground covers, ready to plant in your landscape (1 quart or 1 gallon containers). Ground Covers are ideal for covering steep banks that you don't want to mow. They keep the weeds out, help with erosion control, and look great while being low maintenance. They are also great in beds as mass plantings, or under trees. Choose between different colors, textures, and sizes of evergreen ground cover, as well as perennial & flowering ground cover.  You can be creative with mixing several different varieties for visual interest. We will be adding new varieties as they become available.

Browse our different sections of Ground Cover below: Evergreen & Perennial.

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Evergreen Ground Covers

Angelica-blue-juniperJuniperus  Chinensis 'Angelica Blue'
Angelica Blue Juniper

This dense, fast growing evergreen shrub is bright blue-green with a stunning branching habit.  It is an excellent ground cover with a full center. Best as a foundation plant, ground cover for large areas, or specimen. Drought tolerant & Deer resistant. Low maintenance!

Mature size: 3-4' tall & 8-10' wide     Spacing: 3-5'     Growth Rate: Fast     Zones: 4-9



blue-pacificJuniperus  Conferta 'Blue Pacific’
Blue Pacific Juniper

This hardy, fast-growing evergreen maintains its dense, ocean blue-green foliage year-round. Short, dense needles with a low-trailing growth habit. Popular as groundcover, in planter boxes, rock gardens, or draped over walls. Low maintenance, drought tolerant & deer resistant. Fruit attracts birds.
Mature size: 12-18" tall & 6-8' wide     Spacing: 3-5'     Growth Rate: Fast     Zones: 5-9



var-parsoni-juniperJuniperus  Davurica 'Expansa Variegata'
Variegated Parsoni Juniper

This dense, hardy, evergreen shrub has a soft texture with bluish-green foliage accented by yellow spots. It’s upright, feathery branches grow in a dome-like shape. Excellent for accent plantings, along rocky banks or in foreground for striking contrast.  Heat resistant & drought tolerant.
Mature size: 2-4" tall & 5-7' wide     Spacing: 3-5'     Growth Rate: Moderate    Zones: 5-9



bar-harborJuniperus  Horizontalis 'Bar Harbor’
Bar Harbor Juniper

This easy-to-grow evergreen transforms into bluish green foliage in spring and turns purple in winter. It has a dense, low, trailing growth habit. Ideally used as a ground cover, foundation plant, and cascading over walls. Adaptable to most soils.  Drought Tolerant.

Mature size: 12" tall & 8-10' wide     Spacing: 3'     Growth Rate: Fast     Zones: 3-9



andorra-compactaJuniperus  Horizontalis ‘Plumosa Compacta’
Andorra Compacta Juniper

This compact evergreen has bright green new growth in the spring turning a bronze-purple in the winter. Excellent ground cover with dense branching and a full center. Best performs as a foundation plant and ground cover. Adaptable to most soils.  Drought Tolerant.

Mature size: 1-2' tall & 6-8' wide     Spacing: 3'     Growth Rate: Fast     Zones: 3-9



Blue-Rug-JuniperJuniperus  Horizontalis 'Wiltoni’
Blue Rug Juniper

Beautiful creeping plant with intense silvery-blue foliage and light purplish tinge in winter. This extremely low growing juniper is an excellent groundcover. Low maintenance, tolerates wide variety of soils & conditions.  Thrives in full sun! Excellent in a rock garden or on banks to prevent erosion and keep out weeds. Drought tolerant & Deer resistant.
Mature size: 4-6" tall & 6-8' wide     Spacing: 3-5'     Growth Rate: Moderate-Fast     Zones: 3-9


Perennial Ground Covers